Easy to ensemble and well ventilated, the tipi is a living space, fresh in summer, warm in winter. The interior bathes in a soft light falling from the central smoke hole on to the translucent walls, giving the unique impression of being in a strong shelter and at the sometime in contact with the outside world of wind, rain, and bursts rays.   Our Tipis model "Cree". Called by the indians "the big little tipi",offers a large space in proportion to it's short height (diameter is about 0.50 m larger than it's height). Made out of unbleached, water and rot proof canvas, the inside lineing, height 1,80 m is provided with a "turned under" groundcloth in PVC. this lining is important for the circulation of air, needed in the tipi when lighting a fire.The canopy stops the current of air in the top of the tipi, but it's main function is to collect the drops of water falling from the over head poles, and evacuate them behind the lineing. All the rein forcements in leather are stiched by hand all ropes and fastenings are inclued.  


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